Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to invite you to apply for the European Tender of Enexis B.V., Stedin Netbeheer B.V., Alliander N.V., Coteq Netbeheer B.V., NV Rendo, NV Juva and Enduris B.V. an Innovative Partnership procedure for: "Compact connection modules".

To keep the tendering process efficient and simple, the Contracting Entity has chosen to use the digital tendering platform of: "Negometrix". Exchange of information will be completely digital by using this platform.

The full description of the Tender including the requirements, selection and awarding criteria and tender guidelines can be found during the procedure on this website and attached (electronic) documents. The digital questionnaire will guide you step by step through the information to be provided.

We advise you to carefully read this information first before answering the questions.

Procedure for application
Further instructions for applying in this Tender you'll find in the Tab 2:"Instruction" and the Tab 4: "Attachments".

The Contracting Entity has chosen, where possible, that communication will take place electronically by using the platform of Negometrix. The platform also allows to ask questions and give answers to asked questions (for phase 1 en 2 in Dutch and English).

It is not permitted to contact any person other than the undersigned person regarding the subject of this Tender. A Candidate or Tenderer who contacts anyone other than the stated contact person regarding this Tender will be excluded from participation in this Tender Procedure. Verbal communication, promises or (other) arrangements will not have any legal force unless they have been confirmed in writing by both parties.

The option to submit your Application closes on February 7 2020, 16.59 am (CET), after which the option is automatically blocked.

We are confident to receive your request to participate in this Tender before the expiration date provided in the Tender Guidelines.

This Tender is being performed under the European Public Procurement Law 2012.

Thank you in advance for your effort.

Kind regards,

Ted Bongers
| ENEXIS HOLDING N.V. | Procurement |
| Magistratenlaan 116 5223 MB ’s Hertogenbosch / Postbus 856 5201 AW ‘s-Hertogenbosch |
| T 0900 18 70 | M +31 (0)6 11790188| <> | |




Ted Bongers


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